Pam uses a variety of mediums, primarily installation, to express the value of the human experience.  The learning and progression that are possible within one’s lifetime is a recurring theme.  She is also interested in the rhythms, routines and rituals of life.  Her work reflects life experiences, addresses the space of home, and attends to the rhythms of daily living.  These are visually communicated through process and materiality.

Pam uses repetitive and labor-intensive processes to portray the tasks of living; the steady and continual efforts of life.  An integral part of the work is the compulsive nature of process – repetitive methods symbolic of memory, ceremony, and ritual.

Materiality is one of the most obvious things about her work.  She is attracted to natural materials and fibers – materials that relate to the earth and the lives of women throughout time.  The gathering of materials is both intuitive and compulsive, yet the choices are carefully made in order to reinforce concepts and give meaning to the work.