Each individual has the opportunity to make their own choices, moving toward a greater good.  It is at the intersection of life’s surprises and choices made that learning and progression can occur.

One choice made by each person is the effort they put into the building of interpersonal relationships.  We can choose to be combined with a greater whole – whether that is a family, a neighborhood, a group with a common interest, or a community.  I believe there can be great power in the individual and even greater power within a unified group.  Aggregation means a group composed of many distinct parts.  Each individual has merit, and the aggregate whole is made stronger through the joining, connecting, communicating, associating and converging of the parts.


The group I have portrayed is my neighborhood.  I chose this group during a time  when we were attending funerals together almost weekly.  At the same time we were also watching “The Voice” weekly because a 16 year old girl in our neighborhood was a contestant.  This represented to me sadness, joy, support, encouragement and care across ages and boundaries.  Linking and bonding with others takes time, repetitive effort and work.  There are challenges and great rewards.