This installation was part of a larger exhibit titled Catagenesis.  It was sponsored by Philadelphia Sculptors and took place in the former Globe Dye Works factory space in Philadelphia, PA.  Curator Cheryl Harper said, “Though Pam Bowman worked remotely from photographs of the current site, she immediately related to the concept of the dye mordant used to make yellow when proposing her installation.  Brown and yellows were among the first colors at Globe Dye Works, produced in logwood dye vats.  The company founder Richard Greenwood was considered an expert in this method, boiling down syrups from imported hardwood chips.  Bowman painstakingly dyed sheets and tore them into strips to form a giant skein of yarn.  Seamless mimics the many stages of Globe’s business, from men doing vat dyeing to women workers at the winding machines.”*


Historical artifacts (spool racks, spools of thread, wire carts and sewing machines) from Globe Dye Works were used to further the connection with the history of the space.  The title, Seamless, refers to continuous repetition and cycles as well as the materials used.


*Cheryl Harper, Catagenesis at Globe Dye Works, exhibition catalog, 2012